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American Revolution to Fine Art-
Brandywine Valley Reflections

A family and an entire movement of world-renowned artists... stoic memorials to patriots who fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War... mines and minerals that fueled the Industrial Revolution... rolling hills draped with a stunning kaleidoscope of crimson and golden-leafed maples in the Fall... an enticing winery trail... horse country... dairy farms... the Mushroom Capital of the World... this book takes you on an historical and photographic tour revealing fascinating stories covering more than 300 years of American history. Originating in and around Chester County, Pennsylvania, this narrative will captivate readers as they journey along forgotten crossroads, witness a colossal battle in our struggle for independence and visit the sites where history comes alive, revealing those who formed the foundations of the country we know today.

American Revolution to Fine Art- Brandywine Valley Reflections brings to light 40 stories and 160 full-color photographs which transport the reader to dozens of local historic and cultural sites, revealing new insights into the people, places and events which have played a critical role in our heritage.

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American Revolution to Fine Art - Brandywine Valley Reflections Brandywine Valley Reflections - Out of Print

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  • Chester County Countryside Chester County Countryside
  • George Washington at Valley ForgeGeorge Washington at Valley Forge
  • Holiday Fountain Show at Longwood Gardens Holiday Fountain Show at Longwood Gardens
  • Marsh Creek State Park Marsh Creek State Park