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Non-fiction Books by Gene Pisasale

Heritage of the Brandywine Valley

Outside Philadelphia lies the Brandywine Valley, a beautiful region with rolling hills, farms, equestrian ranches and amber-leafed maples in the Fall. Beginning with the arrival of William Penn in October 1682, Heritage of the Brandywine Valley tells a captivating narrative of the area’s 300-year history where statesmen, inventors, soldiers and artists helped to create the America we know today. Through stories of the Lenape Indians, early settlements, conflicts, grist and powder mills, the Underground Railroad and world-changing events, you’ll meet E. I. du Pont, William Darlington, Bayard Taylor, Gilbert Cope and others – going ‘behind the scenes’ exploring their fascinating lives and achievements. Readers will enjoy this wonderfully illustrated book with over 250 color images of artifacts, documents, paintings and historic structures.Learn more

Forgotten Founding Fathers - Pennsylvania and Delaware in the American Revolution

This book explores the foundations of our republic, bringing the reader “up close” to ten men from Pennsylvania and Delaware who each played a crucial role in creating the nation and system of government we know today. Robert Morris, John Dickinson, Thomas McKean, Gouverneur Morris, Caesar Rodney, George Read, James Wilson, George Clymer, Thomas Fitzsimons and Gunning Bedford, Jr. were all players in a grand drama as signers of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. They were first-hand participants in this epic struggle and in the debates over how to form “a more perfect union.” Forgotten Founding Fathers: Pennsylvania and Delaware in the American Revolution takes you on a fascinating journey through America’s formative years, with over 250 full-color images of historic artifacts, documents and paintings highlighting little-known details about their lives, letters, viewpoints and actions, all of which created this miracle we call… America. Learn more

Hemingway, Cuba and the Great Blue River

Hemingway, Cuba and the Great Blue River explores the people and places Ernest Hemingway loved in the island nation and the nearby Gulf Stream. Learn about Cuba’s rich heritage dating back to the 1500s, its heyday in the 1920s- 1950s and today, following 60 years of Fidel Castro’s Communist rule. Illustrated with more than 180 full-color images, this book takes you to Hemingway’s home, the Finca Vigia and the quaint fishing village of Cojimar, setting for The Old Man and the Sea. Go inside Hemingway’s favorite watering-hole El Floridita (the “Cradle of the Daiquiri”) and La Terraza, where he dined after many of his fishing trips. Readers will gain a much stronger understanding for why Cuba and the Gulf Stream were so special to Hemingway, spawning some of his greatest literary works.

Alexander Hamilton: Architect of the American Financial System

For almost two centuries, Alexander Hamilton was the most misunderstood and least appreciated of the Founding Fathers. In recent years, scholars have recognized his outstanding skills in finance, taxation, banking and commerce, which helped to save the American republic from financial catastrophe. His achievements merit him the title of architect of the American financial system. Gene's new book highlights these accomplishments with gripping descriptions of Hamilton's life, illustrated by over 70 full-color images. Learn more

Mines and Minerals of Chester County

The story of the mineral heritage of Chester County dates back more than 300 years to the early 1700s. Chester County had rich deposits of iron ore, copper, cobalt and other minerals which helped fuel the Industrial Revolution and make Pennsylvania one of the leading sources of natural resources for the entire country. Although most of the mines were closed by the early-mid 1900s, you can still visit the sites where these important minerals were extracted. The full color book describes many of the minerals found in the Chester County area.

American Revolution to Fine Art: Brandywine Valley Reflections

The Brandywine Valley has witnessed the largest land battle in America up until the Civil War, been the home for three signers of the Declaration of Independence and a crucible for progress in art, science and industry. American Revolution to Fine Art: Brandywine Valley Reflections takes the reader on a journey along forgotten crossroads, to mines which helped fuel the Industrial Revolution and celebrations like Chadds Ford Days and The Great Pumpkin Carve which showcase the rich heritage of the region, one of the three original counties of the Keystone State outlined by William Penn more than 300 years ago. This book will thrill history buffs and casual readers who want to learn more about the fascinating history of the region. Learn more

The Christian Sanderson Museum: Tom Thompson Remembers

This museum, located in scenic Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania is dedicated to the memory of one man - Chris Sanderson, a musician, lecturer and historian who chronicled our heritage. Upon Chris's death, his friend Tom Thompson was given the task of sorting through the more than 18,000 artifacts in Chris's collection. Thompson along with Andrew Wyeth and others created this "undiscovered gem" of a museum we have today.


Historical Mystery Novels by Gene Pisasale

The Forgotten Star

The Forgotten Star is an historical fiction novel of the War of 1812 and true-life mysteries surrounding a 200-year old American icon- the Star-Spangled Banner. After viewing the venerated flag at the Smithsonian, the main characters are intrigued by something critical missing from the pennant. Their journey of discovery takes them to three historic forts on the East Coast (Fort Mifflin, Fort McHenry and Fort Delaware), through the back streets of Baltimore and Washington, D.C. and eventually to a long forgotten subterranean chamber where they make a find of critical significance to the history of our nation. The gripping narrative of this forgotten and often misunderstood war along with their interaction with Freemasons, historians, park rangers and heroes from our past is a magnificent tale detailing the fabric of our nation. The book is dedicated to all our Veterans. Learn more

Abandoned Address: The Secret of Frick's Lock - Video Trailer

Natalie finds a dusty old box in the abandoned 18th century town of Frick's Lock in historic Chester County, Pennsylvania- not knowing it holds clues to the greatest inventors and creations of the Industrial Revolution. She and Jim pursue varied leads which take them to the notorious Pennhust Asylum and Henry Ford's Greenfield Village- a museum dedicated to some of the world's best known inventors. Their discovery sheds light on the history of our country- and the find of the century. Abandoned Address is an historical fiction about real life abandoned sites in Chester County, PA and mysteries of the Industrial Revolution. Learn more

Lafayette's Gold: The Lost Brandywine Treasure - Video Trailer

Set in the beautiful Brandywine Valley outside Philadelphia, "Lafayette's Gold" is a fictional mystery thriller about the Battle of the Brandywine which occurred on September 11, 1777. The story highlights George Washington, the Marquis de Lafayette (a 'Founding Son' of the American Revolution), weaving in a modern day mystery involving shady antiquities dealers and hidden treasure. The book should appeal to history buffs, mystery lovers and all those who want to learn more about our heritage. Learn more

Vineyard Days - Video Trailer

Vineyard Days is set in Martha's Vineyard- the world-famous playground of the rich- during the dog days of the 2008 market crash. It’s where Jim and Natalie are expecting to spend a relaxing, uneventful vacation, but all that changes when police discover a bizarre double murder and Jim gets his hands on a mysterious satchel which washed up on the beach. Smart and savvy, Vineyard Days deliciously describes the sights, sounds and tastes of the Vineyard while weaving in a tale about murder, fraud and the unknown lengths some will take to attain and keep money – even if it means dying for it. Learn more


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