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Abandoned Address-
The Secret of Frick's Lock

Natalie finds a dusty old box in the abandoned 18th century town of Frick's Lock in historic Chester County, Pennsylvania. Wanting to learn more about the old town and the owner of a dilapidated plantation style house, she and Jim seek advice from local historians. Their leads put them on the trail of an eccentric genius- a man who claimed to know some of the most famous innovators of the industrial era.

Following in his footsteps, they come upon the notorious Pennhust Asylum, discovering tales of its gruesome past and an indivdual bent on keeping them silent. Jim and Natalie visit Henry Ford's Greenfield Village outside Detroit- a museum dedicated to some of the world's best known inventors- as they analyze the pieces and begin to unravel the mysteries inside the box.

Abandoned Address is an historical mystery which highlights the men who overcame great odds to change our world and the far-ranging impact which their inventions have had on our society. Natalie's startling discovery not only sheds light on the history of our country- it is the find of the century...

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A delight to read, Abandoned Address: The Secret of Frick’s Lock, uses history to enlighten, entice and enrich the reader. The author, Gene Pisasale, cleverly weaves a gripping tale of adventure and mystery with two of the protagonists, Jim and Natalie, featured in his first two novels (Lafayette’s Gold; Vineyard Days). Set in the suburbs of Philadelphia Natalie and Jim Peterson explore an abandoned 18th century town known as Frick’s Lock featuring its own set of “ghosts”. Natalie first senses trouble when she is arrested for trespassing at the abandoned Frick’s Lock and its adjacent Nuclear energy plant, but she doesn’t go away empty-handed. After being released Natalie and Jim set about investigating the absconded box of treasures. Their explorations lead them to yet another abandoned facility, Pennhurst Asylum, where they unearth clues that will lead them ultimately to the biggest discovery of all..

Coached in easy to read language and photos of the authentic sites, the reader will move quickly through each chapter featuring quotations of actual scientists and prominent figures. Featuring towns and historic sites Gene Pisasale tickles ones interest in the little known and under-explored bites of local Pennsylvania history. Be sure to pick this one up and enjoy every “ghostly” revelation!
Paulette Goodman

Jim and Natalie Peters of historic Chester County, Pennsylvania are back on the road again, this time delving into the abandoned town of Frick's Lock in the shadow of the Limerick nuclear plant on the Schuylkill River. Choosing a dilapidated house at random precipitates a very scary search of its attic. Natalie manages to pinch a box before security guards chase her off the property. What's in the box is what will captivate and carry the reader along until the surprise ending.

In between, author Gene Pisasale manages to bring in a lot of information about the Industrial Revolution, including facts about several of its outstanding figures, such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and the Wright Brothers.

This mystery novel glows with the same fun repartee between Jim and Natalie that was displayed by William Powell and Myrna Loy in the popular 1930s Nick and Nora Charles films. Locals will especially enjoy references to well-known area sites.

This reader looks forward to more exuberant history from Gene Pisasale.
Margaret (Glen Mills, PA)

Jim and Natalie venture off of the path in search of adventure and the unknown. This is great book of mystery and intrigue filled with plenty of surprises. Written with great attention to historical detail, author Gene Pisasale educates the readers as they join in the journey to experience past and the present. Be prepared to meet great American inventors and their inspiring words and wisdom. FAIR WARNING - You will not want to put this book down until finished ! ! !
Easy Rider

Abandoned Address The Secret of Frick's Lock is Gene Pisasale's best work yet. I enjoyed his first work, Vineyard Days, as well as his second outing, Lafayette's Gold, but I have to say his most recent work shows his growth as a writer and story teller. The way he weaves in Jim & Natalie's adventures with the local environs that they happen to be in makes you feel like you are right there - and I've never even visited Frick's Lock, much less Pennsylvania!
Bond Guy

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